Hello, everyone, and welcome to a NEW WEEK!  I hope all of you had ?a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  


     We have been going for walks almost every day.  There are so many nice trails that are paved, which helps me a lot in the balance/coordination aspect of things.  


      It really does help to get outside and breath in some fresh air.  Parts of this trail were uphill, which added a variety to the walk.  


     Do you get outside in your community?  Is it warm enough?  If it is cool/going to be cool, do you dress for your walk or just skip it?  Why?  


     It helps me relieve some of my anxiety.  Not all of my anxiety, but a great deal of it.  Anxiety, along with depression, PTSD, and others, seem to go hand-in-hand with a TBI.  


     This post seems rather depressing and sad, but it is not meant to be this way.  It is meant to show/share with you that we ALL have our up and down days, but we are ALL IN IT TOGETHER!  We have each other to root for us and stand up for us when we just can’t find the energy or strength or stamina.  Tomorrow YOU could be the one that has an inspiring story, a big achievement to share, a funny joke, or a hug.  


     I hope you are all having a chance to learn some more interesting and fun facts about our brains during Brain Injury Awareness Month.  If you have any to share, please feel free!  


    It’s going to be a GREAT WEEK, so rest up!  God bless you and have a wonderful day!

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