Hey, everyone!  How are you doing today?  Well, I hope!  I have been listening to remixes of some of my favorite musicians and musical groups.  I have listened to the original recordings so many times, that these remixes give them a new feel, and new flow.  However, the lyrics are still the same.  You can still sing along, but just to a different beat.

I can remember and recall things, but the path my brain takes to get there is different.  It’s not bad, it’s not worse, it’s just different, and it takes some time getting used to it.  What else can we do?  We can be patient and kind to our minds and brains and cut ourselves some WELL-DESERVED SLACK!

Up-close and personal is also another “remix” situation.  I guess you could call this a “live” scenario, too.  Anything can happen, but if you know your stuff, if you’re comfortable remixing your original plan, you are more likely to succeed.  It’s not easy, but, with practice, you can give yourself some more support and confidence.  You can study for a test, but you don’t know what exactly will be on the test.  You can just prepare and try your best.  And, you know what?  You will do JUST FINE!  God bless you all and have a wonderful day!




Hello, everyone, and I want to welcome all of you to Tuesday, June 26th.  It has been somewhat of a whirlwind of a week for me, and it’s not even halfway done!

I was at an appointment that resulted in a total, complete, and massive meltdown.  It was humiliating, jaw-dropping, eye-opening, but, most of all, extremely important.  It made me realize that I struggle with certain and specific elementary tasks, while I manage and even excel with others.  It also made me realize that I have a traumatic brain injury.  I’ve known that for over a decade now, but it just will not sink in.

It was something I had to complete and participate in for the overall GREATER GOOD of my traumatic brain injury recovery.  It will be beneficial to me (I hope) in the overall aftermath, but right now, it is oh so humbling.

But today is another day.  I got out of bed, I exercised, I read, I wrote, and I took care of our plants.  It is all a part of life.  Sometimes we have great days, sometimes we really feel down in the dumps.  But I forced myself to take a step back and concentrated on something else.  I listened to music.  I worked on a foreign languages I am beginning to learn (German) and recalling a language (Spanish) of which I have some basic knowledge.  It’s not easy, but it  is rewarding in the end.  It is using all sorts of different pathways and roads in my brain, and it is aiding me in regrowing/regaining my confidence.  I knew it at one point in time, so now I just have to find it again in the maze of my memories.

I also have been beginning to accept the fact that I will never be able to recall the time periods before and after my car accident.  Once I accept this, I can begin to move forward.

Do I have bitterness?  Yes, sometimes.  Do I feel sorry for myself?  Yes, sometimes.  Do I get angry with my TBI “new self?”  Yes, sometimes.  But I wake up every morning, write in my “Gratitude List” diary, and try to smile, laugh, and make others laugh.  It is so empowering to me to be able to reach out to friends and family and other TBI survivors to let them know I am here for them.  By no means do I have all of the answers or information you may desire, but I will listen to you.  I know.  I get it.

God bless you all and have a wonderful night!


Hello, everyone! How are you doing today? Well, I hope!  I just got back from a FANTASTIC and FUN family vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, also known as “The UP.”  If you’ve never been there, it is hard to describe.  It is a beautiful place, with lots of lush wilderness, parks, and Lake Michigan.  I will try to show you some pictures so you can see for yourself!

It really was nice to take a break from “reality” for a while.  It is still here, of course, but I am looking at it from a different aspect and angle because of this retreat.  I got to spend time with family and tell those close to me know how much I care and love them, up close and in person!

Our plants did just fine on their own, but it was apparent they were excited to have us back!  It is like seeing old friends and I put them outside to get some sunlight and fresh air.

I also had a lot of requests to join our Brain Injury Support Group of Duluth-Extension when I got back, along with birthday cards from “The Personal Side of TBI.”  I am so blessed, fortunate, and privileged to have so many people who believe in me and others with TBI.  God bless you all and have a wonderful rest of the week!



Hello, everyone, and welcome to our Thursday, June 7th.  How is everyone doing today?  Well, I hope!  Are you getting ready for your plans for the weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for being a part of the Brain Injury Support Group of Duluth-Extension “experiment!”  We now have OVER 100 MEMBERS!  Now, go and give yourselves a pat on the back!

It DOES get easier.  I’m not joking, it really does.  I suppose it depends on our definitions of “easy.”  Just like having new friends, it gets easier as you grow together and spend more time with one another.

We do crossword puzzles daily, and I will not be able to recall some of the “repeat” answers, but SOMETIMES I DO REMEMBER!  Just because I don’t remember ALL of the “repeat” answers does not diminish the fact that I can recall some of the answers.  Give yourselves some credit!

Once again, I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for being a part of this group and God bless all of you and your families!


Hello, everyone, and let me welcome all of you to Wednesday, June 6th.  I found out about the passing of my great aunt this morning.  I am full of sorrow, so if this is short, that’s why.

I remember our last time together at the golf course.  She rode up the steep hill in a golf cart and we were laughing the whole time.  She always had a quick whit and a huge heart.

She has been at some of the most important moments and events in my life, and that really means a lot to me.  Good and great memories go a long way and last a lifetime.

God bless all of you and please make sure that those around you know how you feel about them with a BIG HUG!


Hello, and happy day 4 of “Aphasia Awareness” month!  I will expand more on apahasia later, and please feel free to share you own personal experiences and stories!

I do know a lot of words to a lot of songs, for whatever that’s worth.  It is an interesting insight into long-term v. short-term memory.  While I was in my coma, my parent told me they played music for me all the time, “Radiohead” among the most prevalent.


Hello, everyone!  Today is Monday, June 4th, 2018, fyi.  What exactly is aphasia?  Well, it is TOTALLY CONFUSING and IMPOSSIBLE for me to explain.  I will try to give you a little more information and insight, but it can and does change for me from day to day and even hour to hour.

More on that later!  I hope all of you have a blessed Monday!