Hello, everyone and welcome to Wednesday, April 25th.  I want to talk about making up our minds and making decisions on our own.  I made an appointment today, and after careful consideration, I cancelled it.  Now I feel guilty and a little shame.  Why can’t I make up my own mind, I ask myself.  What’sContinue reading “WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!”


Hello, everyone!  How is your day going so far?  I can’t really complain.  I am alive and breathing and writing to you at this moment, so that makes me happy! I am trying to get back in my “groove.”  I typically exercise in the morning, right when I get up, but I just didn’t doContinue reading “WELCOME TO OUR “TERIFFIC TUESDAY!”


Hello, and let me welcome you to a windy and cloudy Thursday.  It’s pretty windy here, anyway.  How is the weather where you are?  Let me know, okay? I titled this post today REALLY IS THURSDAY, because I have been questioning this all day, ever since I got up this morning.  This is not aContinue reading “Today REALLY IS THURSDAY!”


Hello, and let me welcome you to our WINNING WEDNESDAY!  I just got off the phone with a social security representative, and we had a productive and promising conversation.  I was nervous, but I had sorted and organized the information I might need the night before.  I was prepared, and it made my overall experienceContinue reading “A WINNING WEDNESDAY!”


Good morning, and please let me be the first to welcome you to another TERIFFIC TUESDAY!  It is cherry blossoms time, and we will see how the weather cooperates!  In the long run, there isn’t much any of us can do to change or alter the weather.  It isn’t in our control.  What IS inContinue reading “A TERIFFIC TUESDAY STARTS-NOW!”