Happy Wednesday! I wish I could send you a picture of what it looks like outside today. It is sunny, bright, and not too cool. I will go out on the deck very soon and soak it all up! I think I will need a haircut soon. It is not something I like to do because of the holes on the right and left sides of my head. With my last haircut, I told the stylist about my brain injury and the holes in my head. That was not easy for me to do, but she understood and showed great compassion. The holes don’t hurt or anything like that. The holes just feel “weird.” They are like dips in a pathway. Once you get out of that “dip,” it is smooth sailing. I hope all of you have a wonderful and refreshing day! God bless you!

Hello, and welcome to Monday, November 27th! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and time with your famillies. It can be an unsettling time if you are not comfortable in large groups and/or meeting new people. I simply went outside to get some fresh air and regain and reorganize my thoughts. I did not put on any fake or false faces. I was just “myself.” Everyone treated me as family, and not as “that crazy, socially awkward girl with a brain injury.” It was a wonderful time, and I hope all of you a delightful time with friends and family!

From what they tell me, today was the day I got into my car accident and subsequent TBI. Is is difficult to be descriptive and accurate, as months prior and afterwards are completely blocked out. Deleted, erased, eleminated. How many years ago this happened is absent from any of my knowledge. But I am here, writing this, processing this, and that’s that. I hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Take care and God bless!

I knew that my story was here! I just had to select and choose the WEB LAYOUT OPTION! Now it is all set! I have been doing some workouts on the Fitness Blender website. It can be as brutal as you want it, but I don’t go that far at all, no way! I could not get my entire body into the “correct” or “exact” positions. I just did the best I could. And I didn’t beat myself up over not doing “the whole thing.” I did it in my home in private, so I was the only person that could pass any type of judgement on myself. I did what I could, which was much better than NOT DOING IT AT ALL! I really felt GOOD about what I DID DO. I have too many notes, so they will all be consolidated right here, right now! I what to “break up with guilt” and I want all of you to give it a shot, too. What do you feel guilty about? Do you feel guilty about being alive? Do you feel guilty that you not able to work, or not able to work as much as you used to? Do you feel guilty that you are TIRED ALL THE TIME? Me too! Do you feel guilty or fear that you and all you do and ever have done is a huge disappointment to everyone you know? We are going to try an experiment. I want you to push or pull or do whatever you want to push out your guilt. I am grateful for the following: @ I am grateful for my fiancé @ my parents @ I am grateful for my health @ I am grateful for my ability to walk @ I am grateful for my ability to talk @ I am grateful for my ability to read @ I am grateful for my ability to write @ I am grateful for my grandparents @ I am grateful for my best friend @ I am thankful I can feed myself! Have a WONDERFUL DAY!

Happy Sunday, November 12. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. I did some investigation into the day/holiday and its origins. I suggested the novel “All Quiet on the Western Front.” I will also try to post my pictures of Paris and Berlin from my study abroad semester in London. April 25th, 2002, is when I THINK I was in Berlin. My preschool friend will have to give me the dates in Paris when I visited her from London and we went to Berlin. Back to my point. In the places we went in France and German, you would never have thought or believed that a WORLD WAR had taken place in any of these areas after Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939. Because of our peace with these nations, we we able to visit and explore some beautiful scenery and architectural feats. We were able to do this thanks to our veterans and service members. GOD BLESS YOU ALL YOU DO AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Happy FRIDAY! It is noticeably cooler today. Putting on warmer clothes and cleaning house seems to be the theme of the week. What do we keep? What do we donate? What do we throw away? What is REALLY IMPORTANT TO US? Why do we need to keep it? What is its value? Is it sentimental? If you put it in a different place and could not remember where, would it make you cry and scream? Would it ruin your day? Or would you just shrug and say “oh well.” As I have found, from my own personal experience and trials, that I am better off by just letting it blow away. I try to put things back in its “right place,” but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. If it is an unexpected phone call or a knock on the door, you have to do what you have to do. You can deal with the other, smaller issues later. An improtant issue is that tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and we should respect this day and do something to show our gratitude. Go to a national park, or any park, for that matter. Volunteer in your community. Or just thank a Veteran for their service. Please have a wonderful day and a teriffic weekend!

How to tidy after brain injury in 4 steps — No memory of the day that changed my life

Following a brain injury, most patients have issues with their short term memory. Pair this with confused decision making, and you have created the recipe for a diabolical organiser. As I currently don’t work due to my brain injury, I am now the homemaker, for now anyway. So I do the majority of the cleaning […]Continue reading “How to tidy after brain injury in 4 steps — No memory of the day that changed my life”

Hello, and happy Tuesday, and a special hello to all of the members of the Brain Injury Support Group of Duluth. I am giving you “special hello” because it is MEETING DAY! I just wrote a “haiku.” When I took a creative writing class at Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota, we all wrote some haikus. It is Japanese poety and follows certain rules. For example, the number of sylables is 5-7-5. You can find out a lot more about this form by looking on-line, and I will try to show you a sample. The practice of writing these poems requires thought, time, and patients. You have to analyze and examine the words and the form. Once you get the hang of it, you can add your own flair and colorful style. You can send some of your work to me, if you’d like! That would be great! God bless you and take care!