The Magic Known As Nature Therapy

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When was the last time you connect with nature? Psychological and physical ailments are becoming more rampant these days. Children and adults alike suffer from several illnesses, including mental health issues like anxiety and depression. While our social environment is a huge factor that can affect both our physical and…

Dealing with sticks and stones on our uphill climp TO THE TOP!

     Hello, everyone!  Welcome to November.  The leaves are changing and falling off the trees.  It is getting cooler and extra layers are becoming a necessity.  Do the changes in the seasons/weather have any effects on your moods?  Does the weather make your body ache?  Do you find the time to get outside?  DoesContinue reading “Dealing with sticks and stones on our uphill climp TO THE TOP!”

Documenting a Chaotic Mind: The Art of Gareth Jones

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British artist Gareth Jones decided that he wanted to bring his work to a bigger audience, and over the last few weeks created Gaz Jones Art, his new website on Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADD, borderline personality disorder, and OCD, Gareth was advised by his doctors to write it…