August Awakenings and Adventures

Hi, everyone!  How are you doing?  Well, I hope!  It is the dog  🐕 days of summer and I am working on getting a definitive schedule set up for the fall.  I have a lot of things on my “to-do” list, but sometimes things come up and I want to be “adaptable.”  It is not always easy, but I am just taking small steps.  That is all any of us really can do.

How do you get through the “dog days of summer?”  God bless you all and stay cool 😎 and hydrated!

From what they tell me, today was the day I got into my car accident and subsequent TBI. Is is difficult to be descriptive and accurate, as months prior and afterwards are completely blocked out. Deleted, erased, eleminated. How many years ago this happened is absent from any of my knowledge. But I am here, writing this, processing this, and that’s that. I hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Take care and God bless!

The Magic Known As Nature Therapy

This is such a splendid article. Thanks so much for sharing!

Deep Tuesdays

When was the last time you connect with nature?

Psychological and physical ailments are becoming more rampant these days. Children and adults alike suffer from several illnesses, including mental health issues like anxiety and depression. While our social environment is a huge factor that can affect both our physical and mental health, our physical environment can either make or break our path to wellness.

People who have health issues naturally rely on medications and other forms of therapy, aiming to get better. However, most often than not, such medications and therapy are expensive. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford them.

But what if all you need to feel better again is just a simple, regular dose of nature?

Understanding Nature Therapy

Modern human beings have become more of indoor creatures. We spend most of our 24-hour days locking ourselves in enclosed spaces to do our daily tasks like sleep, eat…

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Dealing with sticks and stones on our uphill climp TO THE TOP!

     Hello, everyone!  Welcome to November.  The leaves are changing and falling off the trees.  It is getting cooler and extra layers are becoming a necessity.  Do the changes in the seasons/weather have any effects on your moods?  Does the weather make your body ache?  Do you find the time to get outside?  Does it help?

     I was meaning to write about this sooner, but I will just have to rely on my memory.  I went on a hike over the weekend up a STEEP hill.  There were leaves covering some of the rocks and stones so this required 100% attention to detail.

     Every time we went around a bend, I thought we would be reaching the top.  However, every time there was ANOTHER slope, more gravel stones, additional leaves, sticks, and tree branches.

     This time I brought my hiking backpack filled with water and my walking pole.  I stopped periodically to catch my breath and take drinks.  This was definitely a game-changer.  I didn’t stop for very long at all and kept my feet moving in place.  That was all I needed to get my second wind.  I stopped for several “second-winds,” but that was what I needed to do for my body and brain.

     It was tough but the view was amazing at the top.  It was all worth it in the end and it gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

     What have you done lately that makes you full of PRIDE and ACCOMPLISHMENT?  

      I hope all of you have a wonderful week and give yourself a pat on the back for making it to ANOTHER MONTH!

Documenting a Chaotic Mind: The Art of Gareth Jones

Keep up the great work!


British artist Gareth Jones decided that he wanted to bring his work to a bigger audience, and over the last few weeks created Gaz Jones Art, his new website on Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADD, borderline personality disorder, and OCD, Gareth was advised by his doctors to write it all down; he chose instead to create a visual log of his illness to document a chaotic mind. As his art took off it became more than just a hobby — and setting up a website is part of Gareth’s progression toward making a career out of his work.

‘Dunno.’ Acrylic on Canvas. 2019. Gareth Jones

When did your interest in painting first start?

Pretty late to be honest. I was diagnosed with a load of mental illnesses and spent time in a psychiatric hospital. The doctors there encouraged me to take up a “therapeutic hobby,” and as my…

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No One Cares What I Think About the new Star Wars

I care what you think!

Lucy Blue Writes

And that’s hard for me to accept.

The last trailer for the final installment of what they’re calling “The Skywalker Saga” dropped this week during Monday Night Football. Have you seen it?

Yeah, me too. And I don’t really know how I feel about it.

I am very much a Star Wars over Star Trek girl. I will always choose the archetypal emotional fantasy over the big ideas political allegory. (And yes, Star Trek has great archetypes and Star Wars has its own politics, and no, I don’t want to talk about it.) The very first movie, which we knew as Star Wars, not Episode Anything, came out when I was 13 years old. I became best friends with the woman who is still my best friend because of a shared love of Star Wars. We watched it literally all day every day for weeks in the summer…

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