August Awakenings and Adventures

Hi, everyone!  How are you doing?  Well, I hope!  It is the dog  🐕 days of summer and I am working on getting a definitive schedule set up for the fall.  I have a lot of things on my “to-do” list, but sometimes things come up and I want to be “adaptable.”  It is not always easy, but I am just taking small steps.  That is all any of us really can do.

How do you get through the “dog days of summer?”  God bless you all and stay cool 😎 and hydrated!


From what they tell me, today was the day I got into my car accident and subsequent TBI. Is is difficult to be descriptive and accurate, as months prior and afterwards are completely blocked out. Deleted, erased, eleminated. How many years ago this happened is absent from any of my knowledge. But I am here, writing this, processing this, and that’s that. I hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Take care and God bless!


Brain Injury Support Group of Duluth-Extension

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    letter envelopes Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

  • Let’s kick off this new project!
  • Phase one-what is your PPPP age preference, if any———I want someone who is
  • A: 18-22,
  • B: 23-35
  • C:: 36-46
  • D: 47-55,
  • E: 56-70,
  • F: I don’t care!  I would just like to have a pen pal!
  • I would like a pen pal that I can RELATE to, and someone who can RELATE with me!  With this being said, I would like to have a pen pal that is also going through some of the same struggles and isses I am going through.  For instance, I have a TBI, and I would like to be matched with someone else who has a TBI.
  • A: I have had a stroke and I would like to be matched with another stroke survivor
  • B: I have a TBI and I wou;d like to be matched with another TBI survivor
  • C: I have…

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