From what they tell me, today was the day I got into my car accident and subsequent TBI. Is is difficult to be descriptive and accurate, as months prior and afterwards are completely blocked out. Deleted, erased, eleminated. How many years ago this happened is absent from any of my knowledge. But I am here, writing this, processing this, and that’s that. I hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Take care and God bless!



     Hello, everyone, and welcome to our “Thoughtful Thursday.”  I was thinking about values, its definitions, and what it means in our lives.    I looked up the definition of “value,” and I will try to pass this link/information on to you so we can use this as our “base.”

     I know that I value being able to interact and converse with all of you in our group!  I have already learned SO MUCH from all of you, and I continue to learn.

     What are some of your core, concrete values?  I wonder how many of them we have in common.

      One of my core values is RESPECT for EVERYONE, including YOURSELF!


     Please let me know what you think about this topic and any other topics you would like to discuss.  If there is a topic YOU would like to discuss, please let me know and you are more than welcome to facilitate!


     God bless you all and have a wonderful day!

In A Vase on Monday – Shell Loopy — The Shrub Queen

The Shell Gingers (Alpinia zerumbet) are flowering again. This is such a dramatic plant, I think it should be displayed on its own. Of course, me being me, I had to do something with it. Feeling there was a bit too much foliage in the arrangement I cut a lot of it out, enjoying the […]

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Checking your “ANGER” levels and taking responsibility

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another beautiful day! I just made a call to the doctor to set up various appointments, request medical records, and get prescription refills.   It is not a big deal, but it had to be done sooner or later.  I chose sooner.

I had to make several different requests, but that was fine, as I had it all written down.  Then I got blindsided. “What is the fax number you would like me to use to send your information,” the very nice lady asked.  “It is…”  Oh no!  That’s the telephone number!  Where is the fax number?  Before you called, you had it right in front of you in your planner.  That’s right!  Calm down and use your visual scanning.  So there it is, after all!  I located it and read it to her.  Mission accomplished.  See, that wasn’t so hard!

I typically would get angry with myself, but not today.  I just accomplished my task, and now it is time to move on.

So, getting angry at yourself is not helpful, and if you can take responsibility for your actions, you have made WONDERFUL PROGRESS!


God bless you all and have a wonderful day!

A Good Job Done Well

A Brain Injury Life

Conquering brain injury one step at a time

Brain injury or not, I just want the satisfaction of a good job done well. Is that too much to ask?

For the past 14 years I’ve been living a reasonably productive life with a brain injury. All things considered, I’ve done pretty well except for one big stumbling block. Some of the most fundamental problems I faced early on just won’t go away. Isn’t it enough already? After coming so far, I’d expect to have gotten over them by now. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.

I could give you plenty of examples but I’ll get right to the heart of the matter. Early in rehabilitation when I was asked a question, my response may have started on topic but I was quickly distracted by another thought and changed direction. That only lasted until my next distraction which sent me off…

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Ready to Advocate for Brain Injury?

A Brain Injury Life

Every 9 seconds someone in the United States
sustains a brain injury

If you start adding up all those seconds, by the time you reach a year – any year, every year – more than 3.5 million adults and children in this country will have been injured – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Think of it this way: In the time it took you to read that last sentence someone was rushed to the ER, hospitalized, or died because of a brain injury. And too few people have a clue it’s happening or even what it really means.

Each of us can make a difference.

We all need to spread the word about the impact and cost of brain injury. Join the CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT BRAIN INJURY campaign (#ChangeYourMind) and participate in local activities such as:

– Meet with…

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