I want to talk about one of my favorite children’s books, “

“The Little Old Old Man Who Could Not Read,” by Irma Simonton Black, pictures by Seymour Fleishman.  The story is centered around a toy maker who just never got around to learning how to read.  He always relied on his wife.

His wife has to go on a short visit and the Little Old Man has to go to the store to pick up some food.   As he will find out, sugar and oatmeal are NOT the same thing!  It was first released in 1968, but it still remains one of my favorite children’s stories.  It teaches us that we cannot always rely on someone else to make us dinner, or any meals, for that matter.  If we desire independence, we have to take steps to work towards our goals.  It does not happen overnight (realistically, what does?), but taking baby steps are the best steps to take.  Go easy and give your brain some time to absorb and brew.  Brewing coffee is another situation.  If you want coffee right away, you will just have to go across the street, walk a few blocks, stand in line for about 20 minutes, and make your way back home.  It would probably be best if you picked up TWO cups.  OR, you can do your best to learn how to make your OWN coffee!  It may take a while, but once you get a handle on the routine, it gets easier and easier each day.  Did you learn how to ride a bike on your first try?  How about tying your shoes?  It takes repetition, but you cannot REPEAT anything if you only try it out ONCE.  God bless you all and have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

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