Hello, 👋 and welcome to Thursday September 10th, 2020. I had a virtual doctor visit this morning. Have you ever done this? It is NOT as complicated as I suspected or would have thought it would be. 🤣😂

If you prepare ahead of time, you will have smooth sailing ⛵️. You have to log into their portal on your computer 💻 or PC. You will have a special code to log in and a password. I had to write mine down and that’s just fine. I had some questions to complete before the visit, just like you would on a clipboard 📋 if you were there in person.

Once that is complete, you can virtually “check in” and wait for your physician to join the call. I have done this before so I was somewhat familiar with the process. It is like making coffee ☕️. You have to take several steps prior to the final outcome and then you are all set!

With your safety and the safety of others in mind, this really is a great way to go. Additional highlights include saving on gas ⛽️, being able to have coffee ☕️ during your visit, and being able to wear slippers 🥿!😁

Sure it takes some getting used to, but if you take some time to prep, you can do this! Now, go and get a refill of your coffee ☕️ and give yourself a pat on the back!

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