COME GLIDE WITH ME (let’s glide, let’s glide away)

Hello, and welcome to Wednesday, July 15th.  I went on a glider ride this weekend.  It was very interesting and a little bit scary.  It was at a small airport in West Virginia and I thought our co-pilot looked like Hunter S. Thomson. He had the hat and everything.  If you don’t know who Hunter S. Thompson is, that is fine.  If you feel like looking him up, try “gonzo journalism.”  Then you will understand why I was a little frightened!

So, first things first.  A glider is very, very small.  It seats two people and I think 🤔 the best way to describe it is like Snoopy’s plane 🧣 ✈️.

You need 3 principle and basic for a glider.  They are LIFT, DRAG, and WEIGHT.  Now, without an engine on the glider, you have a basic problem.  How do you get off the ground in the first place?

Getting of the ground is going to be out of the ordinary, as a glider does not have a motor, like other plans have.  To get into the air you have a couple of options.  A powered plain can tow the glider using a long rope.  Once the pilot of the glider has reached his or her desired altitude, the pilot releases the rope.

Please stay tuned for more exciting glider news and action photos!

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