Talking Points

Hello, and welcome to July!  I hope you and your families are doing well and staying safe.  I wanted to talk about expressing our FEELINGS  and expressing our EMOTIONS.  Well, I know that I WANT to say, but it just comes out like a leaking, clogged faucet.  Why can’t I just let it FLOW?  

What do you do?  How do you express your feeling and emotions?  Do you write?  Do you use art 🖼 in its many forms to express your feeling and emotions?  Do you nit/ crochet 🧶?  Do you walk/ hike to reconnect with nature?

I find that I get flabbergasted 😲 when I try to call my doctors and the pharmacy.  I get so nervous because I just can’t “freestyle talk”  if we get into deeper detail.  If I am asked about dates, so instance, I have difficulty just pulling them out of the abyss that seems to be my brain sometimes.

So what do I do?  I write it down on some notepaper that I keep next to me while on the phone.  If I am calling about medications, I have the bottles right next to me.  This is a huge help.  Some pharmacies have on-line resources that you can use to refill some or all of your prescriptions.  I get text alerts when I need to renew a medication or if I need to contact my physician.  Do you have this service available at your pharmacies?


Please let let us know what does/ doesn’t work for you.  Thanks for your time and have a beautiful week.


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HI! I am trying this blog idea and hoping it works!

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