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  • Happy May and happy Wednesday!


  • Hi, everyone! I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. We got some 🎭 😷 masks and set out to get things done!

    I had the pleasure of meeting my new neurologist today. He did an EMG on my right foot 🦶 and leg 🦵. First I will explain what an EMG is. Our muscles move because of nerve signals from our brains 🧠 that tell them to get going. The EMG (electromyography) uses an electrode and a small needle that can go through your skin and into your muscles.

    I was just thinking that you might be wondering what our brain 🧠 injuries, way up at the TOPS of our bodies, has to do with our legs and feet at the LOWER part of our body. Our brains 🧠 let our muscles 💪 respond to NERVE SIGNALS.

    Think of our bodies as a locomotive 🚂 train. Our brains 🧠 are the conductors in the very front and the rest of our body are the cargo/passenger cars. I guess that would make our feet 🦶 the caboose.

    My brain 🧠 injury was in the LEFT side of my head, so the major impacts and the surgery was on the OPPOSITE (right) side of my head. As a result, the RIGHT side of my body, especially my right leg and foot 🦶 and toes, is especially compromised. I limp to this day, but I can still get around thanks to countless hours of physical therapy.

    Now, back to the test. The shocks were a little painful, but they were over so quickly it really didn’t bother me. I think it was the expectation of the shocks that made me the most nervous. With the lack of muscle control in my right foot and toes, I was reacting like a popcorn 🍿 machine! I thought I was going to inadvertently smack my doctor. I warned him and he just said “I know how to duck!”

    Before I knew it, the test was over. We will speak again on Friday. We will see if I have neuromuscular diseases, like MS, nerve problems in my spine, or other issues.

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