Hello, and welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!  I am attempting some new formatting with WordPress, so wish me luck!

I wanted to tell all of you about my MRI.  It went just fine, as I am writing ✍️ to all of you about it!  So here’s how it goes.  You put a gown/robe on and lay down on a bed-like structure.  So far, so good.

Then they put a hockey 🏒 helmet ⛑ over your head.  I am not sure what the exact term for this contraption really is, but that’s what it  looks like.  This is quite strange, but I would call it a unique Halloween costume.  It is pretty tight and fits around the top of your head.

I wanted to make a very major and important statement at this stage.  Your care provider (or ground control operator) is doing these actions WITH YOU, not TO YOU.  What is happening to you is explained in extraordinary detail.  You can stop this procedure at ANY TIME.

This is the final task before you go into the machine; you are given a buzzer to push at ANY TIME you start to feel uncomfortable.        It is your emergency signal to immediately stop 🛑 and desist.  You will be removed and the procedure will end.  Are all of you ready?  Time to go in!

Another important note is that you will be given earplugs as well.    I pretended that I was in the Atari video game “Space Invaders.”  The MRI makes a lot of pinging and clanking and chinking noises, so you can really feel like you are in this video game!

Before you know it, the procedure is finished.  You did it!  Ground control is ready to take off your hockey 🏒 helmet and take you out of the machine.  It is time for you to leave the capsule.  Mission complete!  That was actually kind of fun, wasn’t it?  Job WELL DONE!  👍

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