Brain Inflammation After Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI Treatment

Traumatic brain injury treatment (TBI) is a complex topic however, brain inflammation seems to be a common denominator among brain injury survivors.  tbi treatmentExperiencing brain inflammation (also known as “brain swelling”) after a traumatic brain injury is virtually inevitable. Just like with many other health conditions, inflammation occurs as a way to help your body, although that doesn’t necessarily “feel” like the case.  Understanding brain inflammation further can help those who have been victim to a traumatic brain injury on how to overcome such a condition and what may assist with a speedier, more positive recovery process.  In this article, you’ll learn what inflammation is, why it occurs, the signs, how you can help reduce/treat it, and what it means for your recovery.
how to overcome anxiety after tbi

What Is Inflammation?

traumatic brain injury treatmentTo understand Brain Inflammation more effectively, it’s best to breakdown what inflammation is separately. So, what exactly is inflammation? In a nutshell, inflammation is a…

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