Thunderbolts and Lightning and Head Issues

IMG_0279    Today I would like to talk about head issues.  I realize this is a vague and complex topic, but I had an interesting (for lack of a better term) experience yesterday.  Perhaps you too have experienced what I call “lightning strikes” or “brain lightning.”

This is not uncommon in my recovery and probably happens to you as well.  As I have read and researched about this topic, it is actually a good thing.  Our nerves and synapses are making contact with each other after periods of dormancy and they are just really REALLY excited about it.  It’s like reconnecting with a long-lost friend.  They can’t just come out and SAY “we’re back,” so this is just their way of telling us, thanking us.

I have lightning 💥 bolts occasionally in various parts of the right side of my brain  🧠 and lately also on the left side.  Yesterday I had a sharp, severe pain in the back of my head near my spine.  This is a new place for these bolts to occur, and it just completely whipped me out.  I noted this incident in my planner and journal and I laid down.

When I got up, I was relieved and happy to have made it through this 🌩 lightning ⛈ round.

Now, I am not a doctor or healthcare professional.  If you feel something, if you are hurting, if you think something’s not quite right, make the call.  You can find help    on the internet and you can always call your local hospital and/or emergency room.  I almost always start with The Mayo Clinic online and go from there.  I will try to attach a link to the site in this post.

I hope you are all doing well and having a great 👍 day!


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