30 Affirmations for Confidence

This is so inspirational. Thank you 🙏!

  1. I am aware of my gift to the world and share it freely.
  2. I am compassionate with others and myself.
  3. I am a positive being, aware of my potential.
  4. There are no blocks I cannot overcome.
  5. I love to meet other people and make new friends.
  6. I am my best source of motivation.
  7. Challenges are opportunities to grow and improve.
  8. I attract positive people into my life.
  9. I make a difference by showing up every day and doing my best.
  10. I am becoming a better version of myself one day at a time.
  11. I am worthy of having what I want.
  12. I am grateful for my journey and its lessons.
  13. I accept compliments easily.
  14. Everything is possible.
  15. I am creative and open to new solutions.
  16. I choose to embrace the mystery of life.
  17. I am Limitless.
  18. What I want is already here or on its way.
  19. I appreciate all that…

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