October Fun Facts and Festivities

     Hello, everyone, and let me welcome all of you to a new month, the month of October.  Here are some fun facts.


     “Octo,” which is Latin for the number “eight” is where were get the name “October.”  Why “octo” and why “eight?”  Well, October was the eighth month of the early Roman calendar.  When the calendar was changed over to the current 12-month timeline, the name October was already cemented into place.


     October 31st, a Thursday, is Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve.  We tend to associate a full moon with Halloween, but it really only happens every 18 to 19 years.


     Let’s go way back to the 13th of May, 609 A.D.  This is when the Catholic celebration, “All Martyrs Day,” was started.  It was changed once again to November 2nd, possibly to match up with “Samhaim,” an old Celtic festival.  Later on, it was given the name “All-hallows” or “All Soul’s Day”


     If you are squeamish, maybe you should stop reading this now.  So in the fall, plants start dying and the weather gets colder.  Long ago, people had to make the difficult decision of which livestock they will feed all winter and which they would, um, kill.  The meat could last longer in the cooler weather, so that’s why they took this approach.

     There are other holidays in October, so here they are!  On Tuesday, October 8th, “Yom Kippur” starts at sundown.  The next day, Monday, October 9th, is “Leif Eriksson Day.”


     Yom Kippur is also called the “Day of Atonement,” and is the holiest day of the year in the Jewish religion.  “Yom” means “day” in the Hebrew language.  “Kippur” means “to atone.”  If any of you have any additional information or insight into Yom Kippur, please share it with all of us!





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