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I look out the window and ponder existent moments after time lost. I giggle to myself for the fact my native language was unknown for weeks following my accident. This time culminated when I first awoke from living three weeks on drugs to secure my painless healing after a number of emergency surgeries. It testifies to my condition, lived over these last couple of months inside Sydney and Brisbane hospital wards. Learning, dreaming, healing. Forgetting, losing and regaining the prior six months of my life, where I listened to a Chinese worker enjoying music on a small radio as I looked over the vista from the Great Wall of China or felt the Hong Kong City bursting out in immensity over my thoughtful soul. Travel has always been my omen to life, as it did during those lost months, speaking the languages of other lands and they were the first…

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HI! I am trying this blog idea and hoping it works!

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