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I’ll start by saying two things;

  1. My Brain Injury experiences influenced this article and
  2. Anxiety isn’t solely experienced through Brain Injury, but I felt the unique qualities coming during Brain Injury.

Uneasiness sometimes comes as a result of perceived personal flaws or incompetence. This causes anxiety, as though we cannot perform well enough from outsider’s perception. With friends we’re often less anxious because they understand our characteristic nuances, ignoring our shortcomings. Although observed Brain Injury changes signify difference without understanding at times.

Some of us suffer continuous anxiety from a self-perception that we’re not good enough or disliked. Anxiety can turn into fear or anger; this depends on the situation and the personality experiencing it. This relates partly to the anger and frustration issues experienced with Brain Injury I wrote about previously, linking emotional factors.

I’ve unfortunately seen my anxiety pointed out and publicly frowned…

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