Hello, everyone, and let me welcome all of you to “MIRACLE MONDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 2018!”  I hope all of you had a peaceful and productive weekend.

     I am no longer using my “jet lag” excuse for being tired, so I did some exercise this morning and I felt much better.  I could use my TBI as an excuse, but that just comes with the territory.  If I have to take a nap later, I will do so.

     What IS an excuse?  “I have a doctor’s appointment.”  That’s a valid excuse.  “I have a manicure appointment, so I just can’t make today’s job interview.” NOT a valid excuse!  This may seem completely obvious, but it is really about planning and setting priorities.

     Do you find planning events and activities challenging?  Why or why no?  On that same note, do you find setting priorities challenging?  Why or why not?

     Sometimes plans and events sneak up on us.  As an example, I will use our overseas trip as an example.  I knew the exact times and dates we would be leaving for Europe, so I had adequate time to pack and plan and prepare.  Now, you have to plan for the weather, so make sure to keep that in mind!  I was not planning on bringing a raincoat, but was reminded at the last-minute.  No need to bring 10 pairs of shorts, as it will be cooler in September.

     Get at least 1 “practice pack” exercise in before you leave.  This was a very good idea, because if you go over the weight limit, you can pay a pretty penny to get your luggage on the plane.  Also, you can wear a lot of your clothes more than once, and you can probably find a laundromat or just hand-wash and dry some clothing.

     If you are going overseas, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PASSPORT!  Also make sure you have quick and easy access to it.  You don’t want to leave it in the bottom of your bulky purse.  Sure, you HAVE it, but it will take you about half an hour to find it through all of the clutter.  And make sure your passport isn’t expired!  Again, obvious information, but if you haven’t traveled overseas or had to use your passport in quite a while, the expiration date can just sneak up on you.  And, FYI, the airplane WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU!  This is a situation similar to city buses, if you ride one or have ever ridden one.  They have schedules to make, and they will not wait for you, either.

     This post was intended to talk about why we make excuses, but you can make excuses for not packing and not planning and not being prepared, so that’s that!

     Please feel free to share any ideas, tips, or experiences you have encountered along the way!

     God bless you all and have a “MIRACULOUS MONDAY!”

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