Hello, everyone, and welcome to the beginning of another momentous month.  How is the weather where you live?  Is it having an impact (good or bad or neutral) on your moods, your physical health, or your mental health?  I’d love to know.

     We just got back from a wonderful vacation overseas.  We were to The Netherlands and Great Britain and it was simply marvelous.  We didn’t have any definitive plans, so we just “went with the flow.”

     Now that I am finally over my jet lag, I wanted to share some of my suggestions and personal experiences as someone living with a Traumatic Brain Injury that may help to guide you on your next travel adventure, wherever it may be!

     First things first, if you are on any medications, make sure that you can account for every day you will be out of town, and then some.  By this I mean to factor into account that your flight(s) might be delayed and when you arrive home, your pharmacy may not be open.

     Okay, now that we have that covered, let’s move on to the second suggestion.  If you can find a map of the places you will be, download it to your phone or print it out to carry along with you.  This will be beneficial for two reasons.  The first is that you can figure out how far you will be walking, where you can find places to sit and rest and catch your breath.  Next, locate places you can use the bathroom and make sure you have the appropriate money/forms of money to do so.  Yeah, I’m not joking!  You have to pay to use some public facilities.  It is typically about one or two quarters, so think of it as change you would use for bus fair.

     PACE YOURSELF!  Listen and pay attention to the signals and signs your body is giving you.  If you just can’t make it to all of the museums, parks, attractions, or restaurants you thought you could, remember that tomorrow is another day.  If you don’t have the energy or stamina, then you really can’t make the most your time.

     If you have short-term memory issues like I do, bring a journal or something to write down where you’ve been and when and what you’ve seen.  If you have a phone that takes pictures and records the dates and locations of the events you’re participated in, that’s just an added bonus.  You can use it later on as a reference and also to capture some wonderful and precious memories.

     Finally, and most important of all, is ENJOY YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN!    And don’t forget to have a GREAT TIME!

      God bless you and have a wonderful day!


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