Hello, everyone, and welcome to our “MINDING MATTERS” Monday!  It’s the beginning of the week and I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend.

     We got some new plants and I would love to show you some pictures.  Our garden is growing, and along with that comes responsibility and care.  Not all of plants are the same, so they each need different amounts of water and different amounts of light.

     This is relevant to our TBIs, as none of them are the same.  We each require different amounts of sleep, nutrition, and physical and mental activity.  What works for you?  What does your doctors ask you to do?  What does your physical therapist ask you to do?  What does you psychologist and occupational therapist ask you to do?  Do you follow their advice?  Why or why not?  What can you do TODAY to make YOUR DAY productive and positive?

     Here is what my plans include:

  • Exercise

  • Practice my languages (because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT)

  • Tend to our plants

     I will keep you updated!  God bless you and have a MINDFUL MONDAY!


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HI! I am trying this blog idea and hoping it works!

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