Hello, my friends/TBI family!  I hope you don’t mind me referring to you as family.  If you are going to work today or simply enjoying alone time at home, I hope you can take a few moments to “THANK YOURSELF!”  I found a quote quote/message on Facebook about the fact that I have already completed my main goals for the day, which are getting our of bed and getting myself some coffee.  So far, so good!

Eventually, I will have to re-enter reality.  But I will do this with another cup of coffee, to be sure!  I have been experiencing the joys of the review of my social security case.  I have been cut off, which was a real surprize to me, since I STILL HAVE A TRAUMATICE BRAIN INJURY!  Actually, it is a review process that social security does every 5 years or so, I guess.

I am a little more organized this time, so I hope to find the information they need in an timely manner.  I’ve been investigating lawyers and refreshing my social security knowledge.  I know I’ve been over this information before in the past, but with TBI and short-term memory issues, I will need to go through it again.  I found an interesting and informative site I would like to share with you that explains government benefits.  It tells you the difference between Social Security Disability  Benefits (SSD) and Social Security Income (SSI).  I will not get into this because I don’t understand all of it, and I will leave that to your lawyers/social workers/arms workers.

I just took a short break to refill my coffee so now I’m back with renewed energy.  Where was I?  Okay, social security!  Another thing that helps me is getting a folder/binder in alphabetic order to put my important papers and information into for easier access.  I also use my planner and the reminder ap and calendar ap on my phone.  I also use small paper notes, but that tends to add more confusion.  If I have no other option at the time, I use the paper notes but I add the notes into my phone as soon as I can.  If it’s all in one place, that’s just less time I have to spend trying to recall where I put them!

I have some more things I’d like to share with you, but I am going to do some work on my social security papers.  That’s all for now, and I hope you have a THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY and God bless you!

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