Hello, everyone, and welcome to our (almost completed) Thankful Thursday!

To give you a little recap, I ask that you all please forgive me for any repeats!  Thanks!

As my memory serves me, first of all this morning I entered my short story, “Sock it to Me” in the Master’s Review contest.  I did this 2 days early, and I am very happy with the final product.  An issue I had to deal with was the correct format for numbers.  Do I spell it our or just use the actual number?  From my research, you are supposed to SPELL IT OUT if it appears at the beginning of a sentence.  HOW many times did I go over and review this?  Five times? 5 times?  I went with the spelling at the beginning of the sentence.  

Then we had a fresh coat of paint put on the outside of our door.  That was nice and we both really appreciate it.  However, it takes a while for paint to dry, fyi.  So, Marina, if you go OUTSIDE the door to collect a package, DON’T TOUCH THE DOOR WHEN YOU COME BACK IN!  This is just a strong suggestion for next time, as this time didn’t go so well.  

I then just had to take a BINGE NAP.  I was so tired, why I’m not quite sure.  I didn’t exercise this morning as I normally do, but maybe it was because of the excess time and brain strength I used to complete and submit the story.  

Then we went for a walk in the woods.  It was on some rough terrane, and I had some (primarily minor)balance issues.  But I got outside and was able to get some fresh air and exercise and work on some “muscle memory.”  With my wonderful helpful hand, I didn’t fall!

I also just found out that I have 2 (or two?) new members of our Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group of Duluth-Extension!  

I also read some Bible passages that made me feel quite emotional and truly touched my heart and soul.  During this time, I have trying to fast and change “bad habits” into “GOOD HABITS!”  If you celebrate Easter, God bless you and your friends and family and please pray for those in need and for peace for our world.  If you do not celebrate Easter, I hope you have a delightful day full of peace and harmony.  God bless you!  

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