I am a TBI survivor and I was also a TBI Support Group Facilitator for about a year and a half. It was a while after I was discharged from inpatient and outpatient therapy that I started to attend a TBI Support Group in the facility from which I was discharged. After a while, I was asked by the program sponsoring the group to be its new facilitator. I said yes and I was scared out of my mind, but even more excited. I thought I would do just fine since the meeting room was located in the hospital I had “lived in” for about a year. Well, it wasn’t that easy AT FIRST. I had to train my brain to follow a new routine, and, after a while, it finally STUCK. It was funny at first (and quite embarrassing for me, too!) that it would take me 10-15 minutes to FIND THE ACTUAL ROOM! Everyone would already be there, and I would barge in late with a flurry of apologies and excuses. But no one CARED. NO ONE JUDGED ME for being late. THEY ALL UNDERSTOOD! As I became more familiar with the location and the fact that I would not be “judged,” I started to relax a little bit more. Towards the end of my service, I had it all down pat. You will do JUST FINE! You’ve got this!


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HI! I am trying this blog idea and hoping it works!

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