Hello, and happy Wednesday! Yesterday, more specifically, yesterday evening, was a vivid and painful reminder that I have a Traumatic Brain Injury. The intense pain decided to reveal itself right square in the center of my head. It was, um, WOW! It really made me have a lot of empathy for those individuals who experience frequent and recurring migranes. It went away in time, but I had to lie down, turn off the lights, and close my eyes. It went away eventually, but I was down for the count. This pain has occured before and will, no doubt, occur again. I just had to arrange my body and mind to take a small “recharge nap.” The pain eventually went away, but it really made me RESPECT my brain injury. It is still there and will still be there for the rest of my life, so when it tells me to lay down, I just have to acknowledge it. Your bodies and brains will tell you what you need to do, so we should all listen. It isn’t selfish, you are still a good person, so just take notice and pay attention. God bless you and have a wonderful Wednesday!