Let’s get ready to welcome in 2018! Are you planning on spending time with family and friends, or just relaxing at your home? Why not take a few moments to absorb what you’ve gone through and what you have accomplished? Maybe you’ve found a new recipe or started a new hobby. Perhaps you are planning on starting a new exercise program and developing healthier eating habits.

Happy New Year! How is 2018 treating all of you? So far, so good for me right now. I am alive and I am able to write this article. I have a lot to cover after about a week without writing. We just returned from our “artic adventure” in the cold tundra of the upper midwest. Are weI crazy? Some may think so, but just hear me out. We participated in indoor activities, including “The Escape Room.” It was wild and exciting and required communication and working together. We had to LISTEN to each other in order to get out, as well as TRUST each other. In the end, we were able to escape from the sinking vessel before it went down in bitterly cold Lake Superior. It was beautiful when it all worked out and came together with very little time to spare. Trust was also a factor in our numerous airplane rides. Everyone on the flights put their trust in the pilots and airport staff. There were some bumpy jolts and weather delays, but we all made it safely to our destinations. We had to “haul it” during several instances to make our connecting flights. There was some complaining, which is expected, but each of our plains landed without incident. Isn’t this just simply AMAZING? So many unique people from different walks and paths in their lives COOPERATED and WORKED TOGETHER. To me, that is just BEAUTIFUL! God bless you all and have a wonderful week!