It is FABULUOUS FRIDAY! I started out this morning by using our new rowing machine. There is a technique to it, which I will tell you now. You can break it down and there are many examples on-line. I like the concept2 video, but, as I said, there are many more. It’s just like riding a bike, but this is assuming you DO know how to ride a bike! I have trouble riding a bike for an extended period of time because of my right foot and toes. My toes and my right foot have not built up enough strength yet, so when they are tired and worn out, they start to curl and cause problems. There are exercises I can do to improve their mobility and dexterity, but again it takes practice and time. Time cannot always be on your side, but doing something is ALWAYS better than doing NOTHING! So I hope we can all take some time this weekend and this Christmas season to count our blessings and share and give some love and time to those who are closest to us. God bless you and your families and have a Christmas full of JOY and PEACE!