Hello, and happy Thursday! I hope your day has been going better than mine so far! First of all, I used our new rowing machine for 5 minutes. Towards the end, I could feel my toes on my right foot begin to curl. Darn it! Just another friendly reminder that I STILL have a TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY! But, as difficult and trying as it was, I still did it. Then I tried to print out some papers from my laptop. I just couldn’t get it to work! How frustrating! BUT, here is the silver lining. My boyfriend, who works on computers for a living, found the cause. This surfacepro and the printer just simply do not mesh. To prove the point, he went to another computer and got it to print. So, if it will not work one way, why not just try an alternative? The computer-printer connection did not work the first time because I have a TBI. I have to be careful and remind myself that whenever I get frustrated or stuck, the reason is not always because of a TBI. We ALL have to remember this and not blame ourselves. So, my toes curled on my fight foot because of my TBI, but the reson the printer didn’t work was NOT because of my TBI. I printd out some information and forms from the other computer, so it all worked out in the end. God bless you and I wish you all safe travels this holiday season!