What to write about today? Doctor appointments! I will start with that. I had an appointment yesterday. In pre-doctor-preparation (pdp), I wrote down all of the questions I had for my doctor. Then I wrote it on the computer and printed out 3 copies. I even received a nice “reminder text” the night before, so I slept well. We got there early, allowed time to locate parking, and time to fill out the new patient forms. I thought, “we’ve got this down pat! That’s what comes from preparation and planning! We RULE!” I had time to spare when I was called back. I gave the doctor the notes I had printed out. We went through the typical check-up procedures. Blood pressure, vision, walking=good, good, and GOOD! Access to my previous medical records was granted to them with my signature. I thought I was going to come out of this STRONG! But then, I was asked about the date and year of my car accident and subsequent brain injury. I just froze. I just could not recall the exact date, as this actual incident has been blotted out from my recall wiring. I started to become disappointed in myself, slam myself, for not being able to recall one of the most prominent experiences in my life. But I signed the release of information form. The date is there, no doubt. Another highlight was remembering to bring along my social security forms that required doctor signatures. And I remember to give them to her. So, all in all, it was a success. I took care of and accomplished the most important and vital things I needed to accomplish. So, that’s that! God bless you all and have a wonderful day!