Happy FRIDAY! It is noticeably cooler today. Putting on warmer clothes and cleaning house seems to be the theme of the week. What do we keep? What do we donate? What do we throw away? What is REALLY IMPORTANT TO US? Why do we need to keep it? What is its value? Is it sentimental? If you put it in a different place and could not remember where, would it make you cry and scream? Would it ruin your day? Or would you just shrug and say “oh well.” As I have found, from my own personal experience and trials, that I am better off by just letting it blow away. I try to put things back in its “right place,” but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. If it is an unexpected phone call or a knock on the door, you have to do what you have to do. You can deal with the other, smaller issues later. An improtant issue is that tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and we should respect this day and do something to show our gratitude. Go to a national park, or any park, for that matter. Volunteer in your community. Or just thank a Veteran for their service. Please have a wonderful day and a teriffic weekend!