Happy Friday! It is November 3rd, and I just had a “Brain Injury Breakfast.” I had two bananas for the potassium for my weak right foot and toes. It has been years since my accident and subsequent brain injury, but that right foot is still there to remind me. But I can WALK, so I am blessed and thankful for that. Another nice reminder happened yesterday when I received two “electrical shocks” on the right AND left sides of my head. In the time it took me to write about the shocks in my brain, they have gone away. It’s not a big deal, and, as they say “no pain, no gain.” Now to the good news. I used to only get random “shocks” on the LEFT SIDE of my head. In the past few months, I get shocks on both sides. I see it as the right and left hemispheres giving each other a “brain high-five!” They are trying to communicate with one another, and they want to send me a message to inform me of their progress. I am just fine with this, and I hope the left and right sides continue to work together and keep giving each other high-fives! Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!