This is a serious communication breakdown. More of the time you know what you’re trying to say. You know the key points you are trying to make. But once you are put on the spot, you simply crumble. Improvisation is not a feasible option. That is ironic, because you were in the Renegade Improvisational Comedy Olympics in high school. If other people would just give you a little more time it would come to you. You get stressed out and sometimes just choose not to speak at all. If someone talks for an extended period of time you have difficulty recalling the original topic. Spontaneity is also not a strong point anymore. So you have learned a few tips through trial and error, with a huge emphasis on the “error” factor. It is not foolproof, but this is what you find to be the most helpful. If you are talking with someone on the telephone, try to have a piece of paper and pen or pencil handy. There is always the possibility that you will misplace the notes you take, but this is after the fact. It will eventually turn up. I have just started typing notes into my phone. Now all of my notes are condensed into one particular spot. So far, so good! If you are calling a doctor’s office or pharmacy, it is ideal to have your medical records and current prescription information nearby. But, if you forget, don’t beat yourself up over it. It is most likely they have your information on file and can look it up for you. Repeating the same thing is common to many individuals with TBI. A while back, for instance, someone told you that “you keep repeating yourself and it’s annoying.” These words caused you to clam up even more. For your information, this is something I am currently working on. Go ahead and tell me I am repeating myself, but do not tell me it is “really annoying.” That just isn’t nice! Would you say that to your children? Would you say that to a loved one or friend? Probably not. So just think twice, okay!

Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday

Source: Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday The ship is sinking Or maybe it already has. We need to get EVERYONE to safety Everyone to safety NOW! We do not have time for too many questions or arguments or analysis. The time is NOW, and we must ACT. Cast your differences aside for a few sweet momentsContinue reading “Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday”

Monday Monday! How is everyone doing today? Well, I hope! I am trying to stay organized today without much luck. I realize I need to make FIRM and DECISIVE DECISIONS. It is okay to ask someone to repeat themselves. Communication is so important, and, because of this, we need to make sure we understand the big picture. It can be frustrating, but being able to activly participae in the conversation wins in the end. I will do my best to follow this idea and BE CONFIDENT in what comes out in the end. Have a wonderful day!