I’M OKAY! My life with a BIG BAD BRAIN INJURY and how we got through it in the end!

You’re okay. You’re just fine this morning.  A little groggy, but you expect your ritualistic cup of coffee will soon kick-start your ambitions for the day.  You do not have togo to work so your stress level has now receded to minimal. Stress is something all of us experience in different phases and different times of our lives. What are the differences in stress factors that someone with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) feels as opposed to someone without TBI? According to the “learned helplessness” theory, people become depressed when they think they have no control over the stresses in response to the test.  Rats received occasional shocks and responded reasonablywell if they were able to do something to avoid the shock. For instance, the rats could press on a lever.  Pressing on the lever = no shock.  Not pressing the lever = shock.

If, however, the rats learn that nothing whatsoever, no matter what they do, will aid them in avoiding the shocks, they eventually give up.  They feel helpless and develop the animal equivalent of depression. Similarly, head injury problems do not “go away.”  You cannot avoid the shock by pressing a lever.  You realize you can no longer do thethings you USED to be able to do. You are now an official, 100% certified member of the “Brain Injury Survival Coalition!”  Thanks, I guess.

Nothing is the matter with you.  You forget you’re making grilled cheese on the hot stove burner, but you don’t put your shoes in the refrigerator.  That’s just plain silly!


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HI! I am trying this blog idea and hoping it works!

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