Brain Injury Thoughts of the Day

This is me, Marina Agerter, and I want to thank you for joining me today!  Today is Wednesday, October 11th.  My fiance and I went to a terrific new (new to us, anyway) pizza place yesterday.  It was unique because you can choose your own toppings, including things like feta.  With all of the various selections, my mind went blank.  It was overload, which must sound completely ridiculous to any “normal” person.  I was afraid I would ask for too many toppings, the “wrong” combinations, ask for something that wasn’t even there, like herring or squid.  So I took a deep breath, scanned and surveyed my options, and made me choices with CONFIDENCE!  It took me a little longer, but this allowed me to think and analyze my situation to produce a positive outcome.  So it is just fine to take your time.  I made a choice that was unique to my own taste, and it was wonderful!